Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday & Fabulous! You are mine New York.

Fabulous? Probably not for most people, but for me... yes. This weekend, just one week shy of my daughters first birthday I will be running the NYC half marathon. 13.1 miles after flying from Oklahoma to NYC may not sound like fun to most. I get that, but for me it is. This race marks a huge accomplishment (if I finish) after training since September for a February marathon, getting injured, missing that race and by sheer luck getting picked for the NYC half in a lottery. It's way beyond this race for me. When I run I run because I was the kid who couldn't run a foot. I was overweight, had terrible asthma and probably just didn't want to put in the effort. I dreaded running. Little did I know that the thing I loathed as a child would get me through the toughest time in my life and later make me stronger mentally and physically for everything else to come.

I ran away from a war. A war that in my mind I didn't know if my husband was coming home from. I ran away from having to go home to an empty house at night. I ran from my fears and anxiety. The final 5 mile race I ran in Central Park on October 28th 2007 had a private and personal deal attached to it. I promised myself that if I finished that race (it was my longest run to date) Steve was coming home safe and sound and I had to stop running away. So, I finished... 14 months of a horrible horrible deployment for our Army Brigade hit me at the finish line and every emotion I bottled up came pouring out. My husband came home safe and sound. We had a beautiful little girl in 2009 and after a very very long pregnancy of not being able to run, I am back. Any running mom will tell you that it is ALOT of work. Oklahoma terrain is definitely a place to challenge yourself and I think I am understanding why the Army put Basic Training here. Did you know that it was possible for wind to constantly blow in all directions continuously and just never go away? I have embraced the Southwest and as I head home to New York, I have a lot of attachment to my little Wichita Mountain Range in Oklahoma.. America is really beautiful- you just have to go out and experience it for what it is and nothing more.

SO... my entire point of this post is that I have continued to run for many reasons. I run for my mind so that I am a better mom, a better wife and a better member of society. But in my heart I am running in honor of for all service members who are likely dealing with a lot worse than a measly 13.1 mile run. To the Veterans who literally, cannot run. I run for them.

So as I cruise down 7th Avenue where my life started as a student at F.I.T., straight into lower Manhattan where our world changed forever right in front of my eyes...I will remember when I run, I am always moving forward. Even if sometimes it helps me run away.

Fingers Crossed, wish me luck.


  1. Beautiful post and so very very inspirational. We'll be chearing for you in our little Elgin corner of the world! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  2. What an awesome blog! This made me tear up.

  3. you're amazing woman. :)