Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday & Fabulous: 71 Days, 22hrs, 51 mins.

Before my ramblings start and the point gets lost, here is my page for the MS Society- we need your help. I am running 26.2 miles in support of one of my best friends who is fighting this disease.

71 Days. That is how many days till I run the NYC Marathon. I have been battling this marathon in my mind for close to 3 years now. I started running seriously in 2006 when my husband deployed to Iraq. I had to physically beat myself down to stop my mind from getting the best of me. In 2007 my best friend and I starting running a bunch of races with the New York Road Runners and in 2008 starting the 9+1 program to get guaranteed entry to the 2009 ING. Lucia got in and I got a Sofie. No regrets but 9 months of pregnancy and a c-section recovery can seriously make a runner INSANE. I cried the entire 5 hr broadcast last year and clocked Lucias progress every step of the way. It was amazing and I was SO proud of her. I busted my butt while living in Oklahoma for 9 months, ran some beautiful places got into the ING NYC Half for March 2009.... somehow... probably the Elgin, Oklahoma address got me into the 2010 lottery. This is all great and as a runner I am accomplishing all of my goals but this one is bigger this year.... Regardless of the lottery I was running this marathon with the Run for MS Team in honor of one of my best friends..... I think I wrote my reason for choosing this charity on my fundraising page so I will just quote myself again here:

"Life takes us on many different paths with many different challenges. Last year I came to find out one of my best friends since the age of 11 was diagnosed with MS. It was my first time being faced an illness like this touching someone so very close and so young. For obvious reasons, I decided to take my helpless feeling and my love of running and put them to work in her honor."

Running has helped me conquer so many fears and hopefully it will help conquer other challenges like fighting this horrible disease.

I have to say when I went to run the Half marathon I wrote a great damn blog and I think everyone should read it.