Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday & Fabulous! THE HARD NUT by Mark Morris Dance Group

THE HARD NUT - A Look Back - Ovation TV Video - Make Life Creative

Such a progressive version of The Nutcracker, but in a good way. We all know that I am extremely traditional.... But when it comes to dance, and Ballet specifically.... I feel it is so classic and traditional to begin with that it is OK to throw in a bunch of cross dressers, a TON of ridiculous elements AND STILL it just seems to remain as elegant and perfect as always.

Really, The Hard Nut by Mark Morris is a visual treat. If you can catch it on Ovation TV, watch it. The best scene is the Snowflake scene. Ballet makes me gay. ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday & Fabulous! je t'aime biarritz, france.

There is a place I will dream about on cold 22 degree days like this one. A place that a friend mapped out to close out a fabulous trip in France which was unknown to me and didn't mean much until I got there. Biarritz, France was the modern day Coney Island of the 1920's. It has the perfect mix of Hermes and ice cream to satisfy the most eclectic of summer vacationing needs. As I layed on the crowed french beach with my best friend and ate baguettes stuffed with "jambon et fromage" I clearly remember saying : "my family WILL spend some summers here". And, I encourage you to join us.

My friend and I were there in 2005. There was at most 1 American family, a boat load of English and Spanish on their "holiday" and a bar that played the best old school NYC hip hop I have heard in years. Oh... and the drink is Vodka Pomme. Apple Juice and Vodka. I can't convince you that this place is pure heaven and do not care to... I am going back, this is all that matters. I will have a big hat, Sofie will be topless and Steve will be will purchasing an obnoxious amount of beach toys sold as far as the eye can see.

Steve doesn't know yet, but we are going next summer and we will be staying here:

Biarritz is FABULOUS. Enough said.

Now go buy some cookies so I can go.