Friday, November 20, 2009

Flowers in the City.

I have a very close friend that is the queen of finding unbelievable resources for everything from flowers to hair barrettes. What makes her finds so compelling is that the designers or stores she seeks out are always the perfect blend of Earthy in a good way mixed with Apple computers clean but forward design innovation. Does that make sense? Moving on. Her birthday passed this week and although she already sought out a florist that she loves in NYC- I hunted for more.

I found these 2 that I obsessed over all day.

Banchet Flowers is a "fabulous" with their $40 local delivery charge and $1500 " Black Magic" assortment. If I had found this place before I got married, I would have broke the bank and went for it. Their stuff is amazing, simply breathtaking. Check them out online
Black Magic.

I love you D, but we are in a recession. LOL

The other florist in which I went with was Katrina Parris Flowers. Equally as fabulous but more down to earth. Well, down to earth in a New Yorkers book. I am also big on customer service from the local bagel store to Bergdorf so Katrina....... A+. From the confirmation phone call to adorable touch of a personally signed thank you e-letter, very classic but with a touch of style. They also do 10 person workshops with wine tasting that you can read about on their website. Love.

Check it out on the web:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday & Fabulous! In love with paper.

If you know me, I am terrible with paper etiquette. Thank you cards, wedding invitations, baby announcements. It is ever a shock to everyone around me and I am not sure why. The thought is always there, I pick out a fabulous card but apparently my brain thinks they do more good in the fed ex box they shipped in. One thing I manage to get out every year are Christmas cards. It makes no sense, this I know. My guess as to why I do this would be because Christmas like we knew it has started to fade. Possibly, I think that if I don't purchase a package of Christmas cards, the demand will slow and we will all end up with "holiday" trees by the time Sofie is 10.

This weeks Friday & Fabulous goes to Color Box Design out of Dallas. In my hunt for this years "save Christmas" cards (LOL) I stumbled upon this company. IN LOVE. They just so happen to be from Dallas, TX. Double in in love.

Their Etsy shop is where you can cruise or purchase their great stuff.

If you want to inquire about custom- check their site.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday & Fabulous! The Original German Teddy.


So my daughter Sofie has the luxury of having an auntie heather who works for Marc Jacobs. Yes, she is a lucky little girl. The clothes were fab but a more notable fabulous are the stuffed teddies that Marc sells in his stores. They are made in Germany by a very old and established company called Steiff. The company was founded in 1880 and has a beautiful history. Their original motto was and is "for our children, only the best is good enough". Need I say more?

Well... actually yes I can say more.
Karl Lagerfeld alter ego teddy bear. I should also add that when it does finally come available, it will set you back 800 Euros as well. ;)

Read about Steiff's amazing history here:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Autumn 2009.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, Bake Boutique Inc. can really get into the spirit of Autumn and all of the beauty, crisp coolness and spice it has to offer. Today we sent out a small simple assortment of our traditional sugar cookies at their regular price but with some Autumn flair.

Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving Menus in the next week.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updated Menu.

Back to the weekly baking grind!

Be sure to click on the menu below for a full size view.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bake Boutique Inc. Cheers on ING NYC Marathon Runners far far from home!

They used to run down my block in Brooklyn, temporarily we will settle for Direct TV this year. Good Luck Lucia & Mary and everyone else!

And GO PAULA! My inspiration to run better after a baby!

You can follow the marathon online

See you next year NY!