Friday, November 20, 2009

Flowers in the City.

I have a very close friend that is the queen of finding unbelievable resources for everything from flowers to hair barrettes. What makes her finds so compelling is that the designers or stores she seeks out are always the perfect blend of Earthy in a good way mixed with Apple computers clean but forward design innovation. Does that make sense? Moving on. Her birthday passed this week and although she already sought out a florist that she loves in NYC- I hunted for more.

I found these 2 that I obsessed over all day.

Banchet Flowers is a "fabulous" with their $40 local delivery charge and $1500 " Black Magic" assortment. If I had found this place before I got married, I would have broke the bank and went for it. Their stuff is amazing, simply breathtaking. Check them out online
Black Magic.

I love you D, but we are in a recession. LOL

The other florist in which I went with was Katrina Parris Flowers. Equally as fabulous but more down to earth. Well, down to earth in a New Yorkers book. I am also big on customer service from the local bagel store to Bergdorf so Katrina....... A+. From the confirmation phone call to adorable touch of a personally signed thank you e-letter, very classic but with a touch of style. They also do 10 person workshops with wine tasting that you can read about on their website. Love.

Check it out on the web:

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