Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday & Fabulous: The Faux Hippie in me.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am probably the true hippies anti-Christ... I mean just today I had to go shopping for gun accessories to send to my trained warrior of a husband...... BUT, when it comes to food... I seriously have 50% Californian in me and it's gotten worse with running and then becoming a mom.  We are now post baby #2 and I am training for my first race since having her in late July. Lots of whole foods and pseudo Mediterranean living going on right now.  I wanted to share a sandwich I have been eating post workout or for a light dinner.  Calories wise its definitely well under 500 and 100% crunchola, all good eats. I do a tortilla version and a whole grain toast version... totally obsessed w/ both. YUM.

Veggie Bite & Avocado Sandwich/ Tortillas

 4 Veggie Patch Spinach Bites or Chicken Nuggets
2 pieces of 12 grain bread or 2 corn tortillas
half an avocado
fresh lime juice to taste
kosher salt
Sriracha Hot Sauce

Toast the bread or warm the torillas
The nugget must be warmed, I zap them for 30 seconds..... 
smash fresh avocado on one half of the bread or divide in half and distribute on both open tortillas
squeeze fresh lime juice over the avocado to taste and a sprinkling of kosher salt
place all 4 bites on one piece of whole grain bread OR 2 each on the open tortillas
drizzle the Sriracha over the nuggets, it is super spice... I like a good amount but be careful if you aren't a super spicy fan.

Close up your sandwich, roll your tortilla and chomp away. SO GOOD.