Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday & Fabulous: Operation Get the Shop Open.

I thought today I would just dedicate a post to a shop update and what's coming for bake boutique. For those of you who don't know, I took the shop space on the square a few months back, long before I had planned to. We were mid PCS living in a hotel but I didn't want to give up the space so with a lot of encouragement and support from my husband I rented it. This is why it feels like the store is never opening but really- about now is when I am ready. Thanks to some new friends, I have met some really great people/connections and finally have some help with my little Sofie! Other than my sitting and waiting for the Department of Health to catch up to speed, we are on our way. Taking an old run down spot on an old square that is trying to be rejuvenated is not something that happens quickly. Yes, I guess it is if you are cleaning it, painting it and throwing in some retail items. No if you want it to be the way you envision, clean, efficient and to code for a food establishment. As it stands I would say the doors will be open in the next 2 weeks and if they aren't, it isn't on me. ;) The Watertown Daily Times will also be doing a piece on me and the shop.... so when you see that you know we are open! It's a very exciting experience and such a baking time of year. I think opening close to October is quite perfect. Before you know it we will be taking Thanksgiving Pie orders and serving up cinnamon/pumpkin treats galore! I have to thank all of our new fans for their interest and support, I promise the wait has been worth it and I really hope you enjoy the small little bake shop that I felt was missing from this little city that is a small town.

Speaking of pie....... I am not 100% ready to let go of summer entirely so last night I made an apple pie with local apples a friend brought me and some strawberries. Holy heaven if I don't throw the rest out all of my marathon training will be out the window.
I am a firm believer that pie should be messy, piled high and visually uneven goodness. Pie that comes out of a factory is not for me.... Did you know my dad works for Entenmann's? Love them, but I want a pie that looks like its been loved, not manicured.

Enjoy the before and afters....out of the oven and in my belly. =)