Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday & Fabulous! The 3 Grapes makes good wine.

Years ago, probably about a year before I could legally drink wine... my best friends mom was in love with an Australian red wine that consisted of 3 grapes. I am sure if I did some digging or went to school to be a Sommelier, there is a fancy word for a red wine trio... but I call it the 3 grapes. Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah. Anyhow, it's fabulous.. and whatever that Australian wine was that she would purchase by the case in East Hampton back in the day (1998 LOL!), I had yet to have something as good until now. I can't properly describe wine the way it should be... but it is FABULOUS. Like, "Did the 2 of us just polish off 3 bottles of that?" Fabulous.

A very sweet friend I made here in Oklahoma gave me this bottle of wine for my birthday last week and to my surprise... it is my Australian 3 grapes....Made in America. Washington State to be exact.

CMS Red comes from the Hedges family Estate and is just one of an array of wines. I plan to slowly and responsibly sample all that they have to offer- plus a case of the red. ;)

You have to love their history (check their site) and partial roots in Champagne, France. We all know how I feel about France, then they throw in the word Chateau and Hedges basically sealed the deal for me. I am a fan only 1 bottle deep.

Here is Hedges site:

And here is their Facebook page:!/pages/Hedges-Family-Estate/321517375233

Perfect for hiding in the house during all of this horrible weather we are all having...

Happy Friday Everyone..


Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday & Fabulous! Ballard Designs

So I am trying to get into the home thing. Being a creative person it is a struggle to just not have a knack for interior design. Needless to say... I am trying. I like most people lay around and day dream about falling into a pile of money and ordering the entire Restoration Hardware catalogue. The other day I got one in the mail I had never heard of but was quickly sucked in. Cheaper, endless themes and moods, fabric by the yard and cleverly named sale section on their website... "estate sale". I have yet to order and I will let you know how the quality and service is... but as of now, I have about 36 our 89 pages folded. Good thing we move next month. =)