Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday & Fabulous! In love with paper.

If you know me, I am terrible with paper etiquette. Thank you cards, wedding invitations, baby announcements. It is ever a shock to everyone around me and I am not sure why. The thought is always there, I pick out a fabulous card but apparently my brain thinks they do more good in the fed ex box they shipped in. One thing I manage to get out every year are Christmas cards. It makes no sense, this I know. My guess as to why I do this would be because Christmas like we knew it has started to fade. Possibly, I think that if I don't purchase a package of Christmas cards, the demand will slow and we will all end up with "holiday" trees by the time Sofie is 10.

This weeks Friday & Fabulous goes to Color Box Design out of Dallas. In my hunt for this years "save Christmas" cards (LOL) I stumbled upon this company. IN LOVE. They just so happen to be from Dallas, TX. Double in in love.

Their Etsy shop is where you can cruise or purchase their great stuff.

If you want to inquire about custom- check their site.


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