Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday & Fabulous! Fabulously American Made.

*happy new year*

ok let's just cut to the chase. long before I was a new mom I had a very strong opinion on the quality of of baby and childrens items, how poorly they are made and where/how they are made. having traveled to the very areas where these items are manufactured definitely didn't ease my concerns. My other issue was the lack of imagination many kids have today, and it isn't their fault. Between the rapid advance of technology and the demands that modern every day life throws at us parents... extra help from half human toys can be harmlessly welcomed. I'm not a doctor, a therapist or teacher... but common sense is common sense. When children can't make do with a few rocks and some dirt like we did, alarm bells should go off. It has nothing to do with humans advancing and everything to do with excess. Kind of ironic since this blog focuses at times on features of excess!

After shutting my brain off and letting Sofie play with whatever toys she wanted regardless of where they came from- I sacrificed her safety and am now taking charge.

This weeks Friday & Fabulous in 2010 is dedicated to Fabulously American made toy companies and retailers that will only sell American made products. On top of taking the question mark out of what could possible be lingering in those toxic toys, you are supporting American business. International trade is an amazing thing and I am all about big business but now we are close to completely destroying something my grandparents literally bled for and I as an American am embarassed. It's out of control and time we start giving back to our country and ourselves. EVEN if it means missing that blue light special.

Back to basics people... you will proudly end up with a generation of kids way more advanced than any computer will ever make them. And they will actually work hard for the excess we've shoved down their throats.

Here are some companies to check out:
Toys of USA


Linwood Inc.

Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Holgate Toys

American Plastic Toy Company

Shop For America

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